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We Have Some Awesome Christmas Specials
Stock Is Limited So Grab Them While Stocks Last!
Specials Are Being Added Frequently - So Check Back Often

We Have 10% - 20% - 30% And Even 50% Off!!
Click The Image Below To See All The Specials

Super Cub S RTF


Traxxas Stampede


Traxxas Rustler


Great Planes NOW IN STOCK! Just In Time For Christmas

A container full of Great Planes, Hangar Nine & Top Flite goodies has arrived in the country just in time for Christmas! It's full of some awesome large scale ARF's like the Hangar 9 Vans RV-4 or 20cc P-51D Mustang, the Great Planes Giant Stiks and Kunai and Tori Electric Gliders, or the gorgeous Top Flite Cessna 182 Skylane ARF.

But hurry, stock is limited. Checkout the kits and the specials here.

Huina RC Construction Equipment - The Perfect Stocking Stuffer For The Kids Or Grandkids

Here's the perfect stocking stuffer for the Kids, Grandkids or the budding engineer in your family. Huina Toys present a great range of 1/14 & 1/16 RC construction equipment, starting from $49.95! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, so grab your excavator & dump truck and head to the sandpit. See the range here.

It's Back! The NZ Design 48" 3 Channel Skinny Bee Is Our Latest Laser Cut Full Wood Kit
New Zealand's Answer To The Ugly Stik!

It's back from the 1960's! The Skinny Bee was a popular New Zealand design, a 3 channel aircraft, promoted as "A top contest flyer yet suitable as a trainer". It was New Zealand's answer to the Ugly Stik - A tough Sunday flyer that you could bring out for some fun any time, and keep it together with number 8 fencing wire & duct tape. Check it out on our NZ site here, or if you are visiting from overseas, check it out on our International Web Site here.

Our Latest Laser Cut Kitset Is Lou Andrew's Aeromaster Biplane in 48" or 53" Wingspans

The Aeromaster, designed in the 1960's by Lou Andrews, has become a solid favourite for those wanting a great looking and well behaved biplane. Our kit includes extra wing ribs to allow you to build either the 48" or 53" wings, which allows you to build the Aeromaster into one of three different wing configurations & sizes! Try a swept & straight wing combo, or two swept wings, it's your choice. Check it out on our NZ site here, or if you are visiting from overseas, check it out on our International Web Site here.

Our Latest Laser Cut Kitset Is Joe Bridi's 65" UFO Pattern Ship

Another classic from designer Joe Bridi, the UFO 65" is the next generation of Pattern Ship following on from the successful Dirty Birdy, in the unending quest for perfection! The UFO features a swept wing and stabiliser for better roll performance, and a thicker anhedral stabiliser to make the tail more stable in some manoeuvres - along with a deeper fuselage and larger fin and rudder to help with knife edge flight. There is also more room for retract installation.

Check it out on our NZ site here, or if you are visiting from overseas, check it out on our International Web Site here.

Our Laser Cut Full Wood Kit The 78" Skylark Glider

We're keeping it simple with our Laser Cut Full Wood Kit of the 78" Skylark. An ideal first build and fly RC aircraft, we engineered the Skylark to tick all the boxes for new builders and flyers, and those looking for some relaxing fun floating around the sky.

The Skylark 78" is a complete wood kit, so all wood components are included to complete the airframe build. Check it out on our NZ site here, or if you are visiting from overseas, check it out on our International Web Site here.

Hangar One Laser Cut Kitsets - Proudly New Zealand Made & Exported Worldwide

At Hangar One we are thrilled to produce a range of laser cut kitsets. Top quality is guaranteed because we hand select our wood stock for each kitset from the best Balsa Wood from Papua New Guinea and European Plywoods, and the CAD design and laser cutting is done by Top Gun Trophy Winner Gwyn Avenell in Auckland. A quick turnaround of your kitset order with prompt national or international delivery is guaranteed.

All pricing on this site is in New Zealand Dollars. More info on our laser cut kitsets here or click the images below.

Visiting Us From Overseas? Checkout Our International Site At

Glider Kits

Scale Kits

Sport Kits

Vintage Kits

Check Out The Takahe Glider
Build Log On RC Groups

If you would like to see how our kitsets to together, check out the Takahe Build Log on RC Groups. The Takahe is a complete wood kit (not a short kit), and it's a modern take on those classic RC gliders from the 70's and 80's. The Takahe is a 3 channel RES glider and can be built as either 100" or 110" wingspan. The kit also includes a pure glider nose bulkhead, or a nose mount for an electric motor.

Our Biggest Selling Kitset Ever
The Super Sinbad 93" Glider

Designed originally back in 1943, the Super Sinbad was produced by Berkeley Models as a 62" span tow line glider. We have taken those gorgeous, classic lines of the Super Sinbad and scaled it up to a 93" 2 channel glider for slope or bungee launch. The kit features a two piece wing that uses the original aerofoil, with laser cut steal wing joiner.

Workshop Supplies For Building, Flying, Driving & Rocket Launching!

If You Enjoy Building
We've Got You Covered

We have an extensive range of supplies in stock for the builder. Sheets of micro sanded Airsail balsa, sticks, leading edge, trailing edge & triangles - Plywood in Hoop Pine, Poplar or Birch, and Spruce sticks in all sizes - All sorted by thickness and referenced in imperial and metric for your convenience. Plus a great range of Proedge tools, knives, saws blades, along with glues and resins of all types.

Glues, Filler, Resin
For Wood, Plastic & Foam

We can help you with all of your project consumables whether you're building with balsa, ply, spruce, foam, plastic or tissue. We have the fantastic range of Deluxe Products from the UK in stock, including their awesome EZ-Kote Resin, Super 'Phatic Glue, Tissue Paste, Cover Grip, Canopy Glue... and quality American glues from BSI and TiteBond.

We're Pleased To Provide An In House
A0+ Size Plan Printing Service

For those who like scratch building, we can print plans up to A0+ or 1070mm wide. Check out the 25,000+ plans available in the Outerzone Archive or the Aerofred Archive. If you find something you like, email us the PDF and we will print any number of quality full scale originals. Single sheets are $13.90 and $9.90 per sheet after that.

Pre-Blended Morgan Fuels
Aircraft / Heli / Car

Morgan Fuels CoolPower, Omega & Sidewinder are designed to meet the extreme demands of modern model engines and provide exceptional protection and performance. We have all grades of Aircraft, Helicopter & Car fuels, plus we can ship all Morgan Fuels to any NZ destination.

Recent News

New Spektrum Antennaless Receivers Are Now In Stock

Spektrums new AR410 and AR620 receivers are full-range sport receivers with DSMX/DSM2 compatibility and a compact footprint that's streamlined to fit in a wide range of models. An internal antenna design that delivers a whole new world of installation ease that includes a higher-level of durability and convenience while maintaining superior full-range performance for your electric or engine powered aircraft. In addition, they have integrated fly-by range telemetry that includes flight log and receiver battery pack voltage data, and no more bind plugs! Instead, a large bind button is used to enter the bind mode. Check them out here.

Our Laser Cut Short Kit the 103" Leprechaun Glider

The Leprechaun was designed by R A Twoomey in 1950 as a low aspect ratio free flight glider, and was a record breaker in it's day. Although the span is only 103", the wing and tail area are huge! Our kitset is engineered true to the original design, with the under cambered aerofoil, pylon mounted wing and tailplane, and stick construction of the fuselage. Check it out on our NZ site here, or if you are visiting from overseas, check it out on our International Web Site here.

Our Laser Cut Short Kit The Heron. Classic Lines From The 1970's Scaled Up To 142" Wingspan

Drawing on the classic lines of Dave Thornburg's Bird Of Time from the 1970's, we have scaled up those timeless curves and re-engineered this into a 142" / 3.6 metre classic glider. So now you can re-live the Golden Years of RC Sailplanes in an easy building modern kitset. The design features an interlocking fuselage for straightforward and accurate construction and our own completely re-drawn full size plan. Check it out on our NZ site here, or if you are visiting from overseas, check it out on our International Web Site here.

Our Laser Cut Short Kit The 111" Slingsby T-53B Glider From The 1970 Design By Bob Andris

When the Slingsby factory in Great Britain decided to move away from wooden construction, the aluminium T-53 was developed. It features two fixed tandem wheels and a very obvious swept forward wing. The Slingsby T-53B was a minor modification of the Slingsby T-53 two seat tandem trainer, and was used by the RAF for Air Cadet training. Check it out on our NZ site here, or if you are visiting from overseas, check it out on our International Web Site here.

Our Laser Cut Short Kit The 72" Ridge Runner Slope Soarer For When You Feel The Need For Speed!

Do you feel the need for speed on the slope?! Well the 72" Ridge Runner could be what you need! Designed in the early 1970's for slope aerobatic and pylon race events, the Ridge Runner placed in the finals of the 1973 and 1974 RCM Trophy Races, and it was the most popular slope soarer entry. The Ridge Runner provides crisp control authority, and aerobatic capabilities to keep a pattern flyer interested. Check it out on our NZ site here, or if you are visiting from overseas, check it out on our International Web Site here.

Traxxas - The Fastest Name In RC!

Hangar One Is A Gold Partner With Traxxas NZ
A Centre For All Things Traxxas!

Traxxas is the number one selling brand in the industry, and you can purchase your Traxxas gear with confidence, because as a Gold Partner we have priority service from Traxxas New Zealand, the ability to approve warranty claims, an extensive stock availability and fast delivery.

Traxxas Spare Parts
Categorised By Vehicle

We have thousands of Traxxas spare parts lised on our site, categorised by vehicle, to make it even easier to grab what you need. With over 5000 parts available in NZ, if you have a whoopsie with your vehicle you won't be on the workbench for long.

New To The Hobby & Learning To Fly? Grab One Of Our Great Trainers

If you're new to hobby and are looking at learning to fly, you need a great trainer. As aircraft that's easy to fly for those initial flights, and one that included everything you need in the box ready to go. HobbyZone have you covered, with two great options to suit all budgets.

Super Cub S

The Super Cub with SAFE is a capable outdoor flyer with a 1200mm wingspan, brushed motor and 3 channel control. The SAFE system provides automatic self levelling and panic recovery mode.

Carbon Cub S+

Take it up a level with the 4 channel brushless motor powered Carbon Sub S+. Featuring GPS features like holding pattern, auto land & panic recovery mode. Switch to experienced mode when you're confident.

Welcome to Hangar One

At Hangar One we love our RC Hobby, and we're passionate about kit manufacturing, building and aeromodelling. That's why you'll find a great selection of gear to build the aircrat you've always wanted, enjoy an afternoon's flying at your local park, or an indoor flying session with your friends.

Whether you're after a pile of balsa wood and glue, an indoor aerobatic aircraft or helicopter, or a training aircraft for your local park, you'll find something here to suit. We also have all the Spektrum Radio Gear, LiPo batteries, chargers, servos, parts and accessories you'll need to start flying and keep flying.

You can buy with confidence from Hangar One, because we only supply great products with full warranty and backup service, and with two courier pickups daily, or pickup available from our Tauranga office during business hours, you can be assured of receiving your purchase promptly. You won't be disappointed in dealing with us, you have my personal guarantee.

Peter Leaver

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